Games with arts

with the purpose of an experiential contact with the work of important artists.

Games in groups

with the purpose of a creative encounter with “the other”.

Games with Logou Paignion

with the purpose of a linguistic, social and artistic development of children and teens.

Logou Paignion consists of a team of educators, psychologists, artists and animators who design and implement educational programs and interactive theatrical plays for students of all grades, as well as seminars for teachers and parents.

Our Educational Programs


The core of our educational programs lies in playing with arts, as well as in students connecting and conciliating between each other, through arts and creation. 

We could liken the process that we follow, with that of translation: When a translator translates a text from one language to another, on one hand he/she acquires a deeper bonding with the original piece of work and on the other hand he/she is lead to the creation of a new text. Similarly, when a child carries the stimulus received from one form of art to another form, he/she develops a creative bonding with the original work, while tucked in place of the creator.